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Sibling Christmas: Reindeer Games

There's an age gap between my siblings and myself. Because of this, I got to help "Santa" on Christmas Eve. I assembled a play kitchen one year in the laundry room hiding from my sister, and even as they got older, Christmas was still one of my favorite holidays. Now, we're older and two of us are out of the house. Last Christmas my brother was deployed, and as military families know, that was hard. It was his first Christmas out of the house, and what a heck of a one it was.

One of my husband's friends does a themed Christmas with his family every year. I've seen the planning that goes into it, and it always looked like they had so much fun. So, when my brother got leave around Christmas, my husband and I made plans to visit around the same time, and I got to planning. We were going to have sibling Christmas, and it would be fun. Fun would be mandatory.

I wanted to do something with a theme. There would be games. And, again, there would be fun. I settled on the theme of "Reindeer Games." A series of multiple minute to win it style games. And shirts. First step, getting my siblings to agree. Second step, getting my parents to agree to referee. I didn't tell them the theme until the shirts were done and then, I sent this video to the family group chat:

Next, I sent instructions for the following games to my parents so they would know what they were in for as far as the games:

1. Frosty the Snowman

We had two bowls: one with mini marshmallows and one that was empty. The goal was to move as many of the marshmallows from one bowl to another. The catch? You can only use two baby carrots to move the marshmallows.

2. Snow-Nosed Reindeer

We each put some petroleum jelly on our noses and had two paper plates in front of us. One with cotton balls on it, and one that was empty. Without using your hands, the goal was to move as many cotton balls from one plate to the other by getting them to stick to your nose and then, get them off your nose.

3. Cookies for Santa

We donned fake Santa beards and each got an Oreo cookie. You start with the Oreo on your forehead (or apparently, my threehead as my sisters call my face?) and move it down to your mouth. No hands. Also, if you drop it off your face, you have to start over.

4. Hot Chocolate Toss

We set up six mugs in a triangle and the goal was to land a large marshmallow in each mug as fast as possible. You had to stand at one end of the table and the mugs were at the other end; beer pong elbow rules apply. My brother set a tough record as the first one with 19 seconds. I shocked myself when I tied with him and we went to a 3 mug sudden death tie breaker at the end. I guess I've still got it?

5. Candy Cane Hook 'Em

Leave a pile of candy canes in the middle of the table. Every player gets one candy cane to use as their hook (by putting it in their mouth) and puts their hands behind their back. At the signal to go, players try and hook candy canes from the middle pile and put them in a cup by their part of the table. You can't body check other players out of the way or poke them with your candy cane. Player with the most candy canes at the end wins.

6. Jingle Bell Race

We set up an obstacle course of cups and straws on the table. The goals was to blow air threw a straw and get as many jingle bells from one end of the table to the other without it going off the back end. Also, try not to pass out after minute.

7. Heads Up

This one is very similar to headbands, but all the names/people/characters are holiday related - Buddy The Elf, Frosty the Snowman, and the reindeer to name a few.

I got my ideas for the games here and here! The referees were great - they were upset to hear they wouldn't be getting shirts too, so my Mom decided to get them their own.

Overall, there was fun had. The dogs even got in on it (and the cat; Kiki was our Rudolph). We ended the day decorating reindeer shaped gingerbread cookies and playing a few more rounds of hot chocolate toss. So now, I'm already working on the theme for the next year.

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