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Outsource Everything

I attended a panel called "Having It All" while I was in grad school. The idea of women struggling to have both a family and a career is nothing new, and this panel was the start of more open dialogue around the idea of having it all and what that looks like. It was there that I heard some advice that I will not soon forget and have been slowly putting into practice:

"Outsource everything that you can except sex with your husband."

Now, let's be clear, I don't have millions of dollars. I don't have a housekeeper or a nanny (I also don't have children). I don't have someone to cook my meals or drive me places, but I have been finding ways to outsource what I can. Sometimes, the outsourcing comes in the form of actual labor. Like when I hired movers because I didn't want to load a three bedroom, two bathroom house worth of stuff into a moving truck while also trying to keep my dog from freaking out and doing all the last minute things involved in selling a house. Sometimes, it's the cognitive load that I outsource.

Three of my favorite "outsourcing" companies:

1. Quip

Love the idea of an electronic toothbrush? Hate the idea of constantly trying to buy heads for it? Quip has got you. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss all delivered to your door every three months (because that's how often you should be changing it). I'll be honest, I didn't love their toothpaste originally, so now I just get a new head for my toothbrush in my packages, but it's still a great deal. I mean, $5, really? And I don't have to remember to get them from the store? Yeah, I'll take it. They also remind you every six months to go to the dentist, which, let's be honest, we could all probably use. Check them out here.

2. Billie

Raise your hand if you've ever used men's razors because they were better (and cheaper) than women's razors. Yep - me too girl. Until...Billie. I had debated some other mail order razors simply because I was tired of remembering to get them at the store and constantly trying to figure out which ones were the best. I decided to give Billie a shot. With the best shave I've had since as long as I can remember and customer service that is second to none, Billie will be filling my mailbox and making sure I have one less thing to think about. Ready to ditch your boyfriend's razors for the best shave ever? Go here.

3. Grocery Pickup/Delivery

Okay, I know this one is two parts, but trust me when I say that having my groceries delivered OR just going to the store and having them put into my car without me having to set foot in the grocery store helps me be the best version of myself. Really, it's a service to everyone else in the store for me to not be there. Y'all, for whatever reason, the grocery store brings out the worst in me. So, for grocery delivery I'm a big, big Instacart fan. They are also what Aldi uses for their curbside delivery. Want $10 off? Try it out here. When it comes to grocery pick up, I'm also a fan of Walmart Pickup. Now, your ability to include wine in your pick up will depend on the state in which you reside, BUT, for some folks it's a thing. They also have (location dependent) delivery as well, but I can't speak to that - I haven't tried it yet. And, you can get $10 off Walmart Pick Up as well.

So, there you have it - three things that can lessen the cognitive load you're carrying and save you a bit of time in the process. What other companies do you use to save time in your life?

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