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Home Sweet Home Chef

Y'all! Okay, Home Chef is my new favorite. Seriously, this is my favorite one so far. Current standings:

  1. Home Chef

  2. Hello Fresh

  3. Blue Apron

...and here's why.

Food Quality - Green Chef had great meat quality - same level of quality as Hello Fresh, but with the produce quality and quantity of Blue Apron. Seriously, the best of both.

The Meals - There were tons of options for what meals to get and I usually had issues narrowing it down instead of issues finding enough that sounded appealing. The portions were still really large, but the macros were slightly better as far as not being totally crazy on fat. However, I still was able to get two meals out of my portions (dinner one night and lunch the next day).

Ease of preparation - Some of their meals are also "oven ready" that come with a pan and you just put ingredients in them and put it in the oven. Seriously, amazing.

Customer experience - Their app is easy to navigate, they always sent the right stuff, and they package it well. What more could I ask for? Oh, I don't know...maybe tons of customization options? Want to swap shrimp with chicken? No up charge! (Side eye to you Blue Apron). Want to add organic chicken? Slight upcharge. No problem. Want to add meat to a veggie dish? Go for it! Seriously, this was the BEST part and something you don't find at this level with the other services I've tried so far.

Now, let's talk prices.

$8.99/serving and $7.99 delivery. I went with the five meals a week plan and it was perfect for my family. So right around the same price point as Hello Fresh (with shipping being $1 cheaper) and less than Blue Apron, but honestly, I felt like I was getting way more for the money I was spending. If you want to try it for yourself, you can get signed up here.

As much as I loved it, I decided to keep trying other kits (you're welcome), so stay tuned for the next review.



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