• Stacia

Green Chef

Updated standings after trying Green Chef:

  1. Home Chef

  2. Hello Fresh

  3. Green Chef

  4. Blue Apron

Okay, so Green Chef wasn't the worst, but also it wasn't the best. The quality of the meat was good, so I'll give them that. This honestly felt like the "bougie" version of Hello Fresh. Which is fine, however, it means the meals were more complex and it was harder to find meals that fit the dietary needs of my family.

Again, the recipes called for a ton of added oil, which is super annoying. Especially considering that the amount of veggies wasn't quite what I would have liked for it to be.

I will say, they did send everything like I expected every week and their app was easy to use, so they did have that. Overall, I would use them again...if the others weren't an option. If the options look appealing to you, and you want to give it a shot, you can get $55 off your first box, but honestly, I'd say you should check out Home Chef and Hello Fresh first!

Happy cooking!


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