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So you want an MBA?

So you've decided you want an MBA. But now your question is where do you even start? There are so many options: online, hybrid, night, weekend, residential, MBA, specialized degree, dual degree?


So many choices.

The first thing is to think about your constraints as far as while you're in a program. Do you plan to continue working full time at your current job? Are you willing to quit your job for 1-2 years to go to school full time?

Will I continue to work? Or will I leave my job and be a full time student? Once you've answered that question, you'll be able to narrow your search. If you are willing and able to leave work and go into a full time, residential program, awesome. If not - that's okay! There are plenty of options for non residential programs as well.

The next question you'll wan to answer is how far away you're willing to go. Can you leave your current city? Do you need to stay in the area? If you're planning to keep working full time, you're probably going to stay where you are, but the question is - are you willing to travel on the weekends to get to wherever your program is? If you are willing to move, are there places you are more or less willing to go? Are their cities or states you want to be in? Or a limit to the distance you are willing to move?

Answering these first two questions is an essential step in your MBA journey!

Stay tuned for more info and advice on the MBA process.

Cheers! S

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