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Saturday is for Football

Spending four years getting my undergrad in the SEC gave me plenty of time to learn the finer points of a Saturday football game. I genuinely enjoy watching football games (well, at least the ones I care about). I'll confess that I'm awful at learning the names of the football players, but I always knew when they were in my class. 6 something and built like walls with sweatpants, they towered over me. Then, I went to grad school. Grad school has been a great change of pace, and one of the biggest perks is getting student tickets to Notre Dame games. They are more intense here about tailgating than I would have thought. Just as I've shared with my new classmates while up here, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite game day essentials. Let's take it from the top:

Starting with the shades. Let's be real, it's sunny at a tailgate, so you're going to need some shades. Best way to make sure those shades stay with you is securing them with a CottonSnaps Sunglass Strap. Tons of color options. Durable materials. You'll thank me later.

Moving on to the clothing, one of my personal favorites is Lauren James. With ties to my hometown of Fayetteville, they have some of the most adorable skirts and dresses that are so comfortable. Spending hours standing in the sun can get hot, but you can rest assured that in the seersucker you won't overheat. When it comes to accessories, I'm a fan of Francesca's or Charming Carlie. Both of these offer some great ways to accessorize. A chunky statement necklace can really bring together a game day outfit.

Finally, when it comes to shoes, let's be real. You're doing a lot of walking on game day. You will walk up and down hills and stairs. Do your feet a favor, go to Target and get some sandals. Hint: their summer shoes are usually on sale at kickoff of football season.

Your turn - what's your favorite game day shade of lipstick?




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