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As you probably gathered from my previous post about living in a hotel and not hating it, I spend a lot of time traveling for work. This means that while my closet at home may have tons of clothing, I have a very limited wardrobe on the road. I stick to pretty neutral colors and try to make sure that anything that ends up in my suitcase can be used with other items. I have got to tell you about the two latest additions to my suitcase: nina leggings and the alina hi-lo tank.

Both of these can be purchased from my Peach stylist, and unlike moms who won’t give up their babysitter’s number, I’ll be sure to give you all the deets on my girl. I have the nina leggings in black and the alina in on pointe wine. Now, let’s be real, no one buys two things together and says “oh man, I can’t wait to wear these exclusively together.” Additionally, we all know there isn’t enough room for clothing in my suitcase that can’t be worn with other things. In the past 6 weeks, I think I have slept in my own bed once, but I’ve had these two pieces in my suitcase, and they’ve earned their keep.

The alina hi-lo tank - a couple of things to note: the cut of the top has a neck that goes up higher than a scoopneck, and the arm holes dip inward toward my chest more than a typical tank. I personally pick a racerback or strapless bra with it for this reason, but if you’re wearing it under something, it does not matter as much. I love the fact that the front comes down far enough that I feel like I can wear it with leggings, and the back for sure has got me covered. So how else do I wear it?


Well, there was the weekend I spent exploring the Pacific Northwest where I wore it with jeans and a cardigan. It’s a great color addition to my otherwise neutral wardrobe, and is perfect for fall.

Then, there was the time I wore it under a pants suit. Yes. A suit. From leggings to a suit. It’s probably my new favorite undershirt for a suit because it’s long enough to tuck in. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to tuck in a shirt only to have it come untucked. Y’all. This is the most exciting thing ever. I wore it for a whole day - including on a plane - and it did not come untucked at all.

And what about the leggings?

So, upon first putting these on my body I was like whoa this is tight. They weren’t tight enough for me to think I should have sized up, plus, I think if I went from an M to an L they would be too long for my 5 foot 6 inch tall self. My second thought? I will never work out in these. I love to work out in leggings, but I sweat wayyyyyy too much to wear something that is hand wash only. All my gym clothes go into the washer for an extra clean scrub when I’m done with them. These leggings are not going to the gym.

So, if they are not going to be worn when I work out, when would I wear them? All other times. They have a great leather-esque look to them on the front which gives them a sweet two tone look to them of the matte black on the back. They’re thin enough that I know I will be able to wear them even in warmer weather.

So, headed out to a happy hour, date night, or dinner with a friend? Throwing on a dress with these leggings and a cute pair of boots and I’m ready to go.

Maybe you need them more casually...like for a 3 hour flight followed by a 4 hour drive. Don’t worry - they work for that too. They were super comfy the entire day, they had stretched out just enough to not be as tight as the first time I put them on, but they never got to a point that I felt like they were stretching out and sliding down, which I know has happened to other pairs of leggings I own. Throw these on with an oversized tshirt, top it with a sweatshirt and scarf, pull on your comfy travel shoes, and you’ll almost forget that the guy next to you on the plane is trying to talk your ear off.

So, if you’re looking for something perfect for that fashionista in your life for Christmas, check out Peach Stylist Katie Anderson. She’s also on Insta at @thepeachdifference

Disclosure statement: I received the items featured in this blog for free, however, the thoughts, opinions, outfit choices, and writing regarding the products are completely mine and were in no way changed, modified, or edited by peach.


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