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You had me at Chardon-heyyyy

You know those good friends?  The kind that are around when all of the others fade away?  That's Alex.  Our friendship wasn't always this way.  We weren't always friends.  She had originally heard of me through the grape vine as that one girl who wouldn't commit.  It was that weird time in my early twenties where I assumed I couldn't get hurt in love if I didn't get attached - leave them before they leave you.  Anyway...later on, she met me, or well, saw me in person.  I got a little too into a football game on Saturday in the SEC.  She wasn't a fan of me.  But then...THEN...we ended up becoming friends.  Geez it took long enough.  My senior year of college consisted of lots of time spent with a group of six friends.  After that year, a series of events tore our group apart and Alex is the only one I speak to anymore.  Facts of life.  But guys, it's okay, because she's basically the best.  

You know what's more awesome than having one amazing friend?  Having another, and having them get along.  This all came together perfectly when my roommate, Alex, and I spent the weekend together.  My roommate and I ventured to visit and had a wonderful girl's weekend.  As we were winding down on Saturday night after a day at the outlet mall, Alex announced "We have wine.  I got Chardonnay so you could blog about it."  Uhm, what?!?! Not only does she know that Chardonnay is my choice of wine but that I would blog about it?!  Yeah, I told ya.  She's good.  

So this Chardonnay is called Lost Angel.  With a retro feeling to the label and an interesting name, I was excited to try it.  Then, I read the back and wondered where the bottle opener was.  This wine claimed to be more fruity and light than buttery and oak.  It delivered.  With a crisp flavor, it wasn't too dry and wasn't too sweet.  It may be slightly sweeter than other chardonnay, but I attribute that to the fruit and it wasn't a sugary sweet.  Don't get me wrong, those flavors of butter and oak have their place.  That place is not a fun girl's weekend.  Overall, I'd give the wine an 8/10.  Why no 10?  Well, fruit is a good flavor, but this was more of just a natural sweetness not a defined fruit. If that's what you're looking for, maybe it'd be a 10/10, but I was hoping for just a notch more of crisp like apple or pear flavor. Orerall?  Fabulous wine. Fabulous weekend. And I'm glad I got to spend it with not one amazing friend, but two!



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