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SEA-ing Seattle

In 2005 a show about some doctors in the Pacific Northwest started. In the years that have passed, Grey's Anatomy has captured the hearts and emotions of many. I've watched every episode (thanks to Netflix), and while I may have been too young to watch it when it first came out, I have since caught up. I stepped on my first flight bound for SEA in November of 2016. It's a flight pattern I've made frequently in the months since. Thankfully, I was able to spend a weekend exploring the city (and taking a break from work) in what some might call "down time."

Rain, rain, go away.

I began my journey where you would expect someone to begin a typical gloomy day in Seattle - Pike's Place Market. While the clouds loomed above, people continued to bustle all around. I wandered through the market - drawn by the neon words ahead of the Public Market Center. Once "inside" I found myself in the throws of a busy, busy Saturday. Vendors of all kinds - from fish to flowers - were there and ready to sell their goods. I wove my way in and out of the stalls taking in the smells and sights and sounds of my surroundings. Returning to the streets, I found more vendors and street performers putting on a show.

But first, coffee...

I continued down the street until I found 1912 Pike Place. The original Starbucks You are likely to see the line for the store before you see the store itself because everyone who visits Seattle has to go to the first store. A unique collection of mugs and tumblers lines the left hand side while the right side of the store has a counter where a number of friendly baristas are ready to take your order. From there, your cup is passed down the line and then thrown to the back of the store where ninja like motions result in some very tasty drinks.


As I continued walking, the smell of Juicy Fruit filled my nose. Yes, Juicy Fruit. I'm not sure why, walking through an alley filled with gum, Juicy Fruit jumped out at me. Of all the flavors it could have been. The walls are covered, completely, in gum. Some just a simple wad placed on the wall. Others are stretched into different designs. Seeing those just brought back childhood memories of my mother telling me to put my gum back in my mouth when she would glance in the rear view only to find me stringing my gum out of my mouth. If you're planning to go and make a contribution to the wall, be sure to bring your own gum

Butter My Biscuit

Though I love to travel and see an adventure, I also love finding a little slice of Southern Heaven wherever my travels take me. This was exactly what I found at the Biscuit Bitch. This girl knows what she's doing. With both sweet and savory biscuits to choose from, I found my way through the tiny restaurant to place my order. Upon receiving this beauty pictured I found other patrons who were about to give up their window seat. Two strangers and I squeezed in their place. I devoured this banana and Nutella filled creation without a care about what MyFitnessPal would tell me later. I knew that I didn't want to know.

Running the Track of Luxury

Satisfied with my day, I retreated to my room at the Renaissance hotel. This is probably one of the best hotels I've stayed at. The staff was friendly and accommodating. I was able to freshen up for dinner with a college friend of mine before sinking into a very comfortable king sized bed. I would remain here, undisturbed by the early sun thanks to the blackout curtains, until I decided that I should probably get up and going. I was able to get a quick work out in using what is probably one of the best hotel gyms I've ever seen. Photo Cred here. There's something about being able to look out and around at the city below while running that makes the treadmill feel less like a hamster wheel.

Pop Lock and Rock It

I do not claim to be a history buff. I do not claim to be good at Trivial Pursuit. I do not claim to be a music expert. However, that wasn't going to stop me from checking out the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP). Seeing pop culture woven into history gave me a whole new appreciation for the impact it can have in molding and shaping how society has progressed.

Sprinkles of Fun

To top it all off, I decided to indulge in a doughnut from Top Pot. It was the perfect snack as I wandered by the International Fountain and admired the Space Needle. Sadly, that brought my weekend to an end. I had to venture back to work for another week. But, I have plans to SEA what more of Seattle I can see on another upcoming weekend.

During my next adventure, I want to actually go up in the Space Needle and check out the Chihuly Garden. What else do I need to do or see? What shops do I need shop at?

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