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November Ipsy Bag

Somehow in the midst of moving I forgot something. I had lists upon lists of reminders to myself. I changed my address so many times with so many different people that I thought surely to goodness I had changed them all. Well, that wasn't the case. I totally forgot to change my Ipsy bag in time. Drat. Thankfully, I talked to a very nice young man at customer service, and he arranged for me to get a new bag. It came when my December bag came so it was like getting an extra present at Christmas. And oh boy am I glad that I got this one.

So I started unpacking my bag and found some things I was thrilled about and some that fell flat of expectations. But hey, I can't complain since they sent me a bag even though I screwed up, AND they even included a bonus item!

  1. Starlooks - I'm not a huge fan of non-powder eye shadows. They just feel odd on my face.

  2. Color is Bae - This could have won the stars for name alone. Being around my siblings a lot recently has made "bae" end up at the top of my words list. Probably not a good thing, but anyway. The color was just right - not too red, not too pink, not to coral, not too dark, not to light. It also goes on really well and stays.

  3. Formula X Nail Polish - One of the things I love about winter is how it becomes acceptable to have dark colored nail polish. This will be the next polish I put on my fingers.

  4. Hair Oil - Maybe this was user error, or maybe this is just my hair, but this ended with me having greasy hair. Whomp whomp.

  5. Crease Brush - It's a brush. It carries powder to my face. The end.

  6. Better Than Sex Mascara - I had some seriously high hopes for this mascara. The packaging really talked it up, but in all honesty, it fell flat. It didn't really give me that much volume like I had hoped. If anything, it just made my lashes look thin and stringy.

So, overall, a good bag. I'm excited to see what kinds of fun I have with the December bag.

Wanna try Ipsy for yourself? Click here.

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