• Stacia

Washington, D.C.

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere? Just like go. Because you thought it'd be cool and you've always wanted to "just because?" Well, that's how I was with DC. I wanted to go. I thought it'd be fun. I've always had an interest in going. So, when my mom had to go there for work, I thought, heck I'll buy a plane ticket and meet up with her.

Well, I should have known it might be a disaster when to start with, I was given the wrong dates of the trip and booked tickets for the wrong dates. Thankfully, my mom offered to step up and pay the change fee.

Then, I got to DC. Not without some minor delays to ice in Chicago. I arrived, late, but happy. I spent the first evening grabbing dinner with one of my sorority sisters currently living in DC and checking out the White House before returning to the hotel. Then, I spent the next day walking around DC. The problem with that was the fact that it was about 25 degrees and I was ill equiped to handle that with the clothing I brought. After hours, I was almost sure I had hypothermia, so I took an Uber back to the hotel.

Side note before I continue: the Vietnam Wall was the most humbling of all the monuments and memorials. It was the ONE thing I wanted to see, and hypothermia aside, I'm glad I got to go and see it for myself.

Anyway, I came back to the hotel and proceeded to sleep, venture out again for lunch, and sleep some more. I couldn't get warm despite turning the room temp up and buring myself under blankets. I did love how the buildings in Washington, DC weren't skyscrapers. There were so many well dressed young men that it was better than suits Monday on campus.

That night I had dinner with my mom - chicken and waffles for the first time ever. I was so excited. Except, there was an issue. I got food poisioning. I save you all the details, but just know that it goes something like this: those motion sickenss bags they give you on a plane aren't really that big, there were angels on my US Airways flight in the form of flight attendents, the quickest way to clear seats around you on a flight that isn't full is to start filling the motion sickness bags, and being wheeled through NY airport is not something I want to have to experience again (I was so weak and dizzy that yes, they had to wheel me through the airport).

If you do a cost-benefit analysis of my trip, you'd probably see that the costs far outweight the beneifts, BUT, regardless, I'm still glad I went. I saw a lot in the couple of days I was there, and it is indeed on my list of places to go again.


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