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January's Glam


I love getting mail. I think it started long ago when I was a kid at summer camp and they made a big deal about Mail Call every day at lunch time. I loved every second of it. Since then, I’ve grown up and been away from home plenty of other times. My love of getting mail has not subsided. While working with a girl who eventually became my friend and now holds the title of roommate, I was introduced to Ipsy. For a subscription fee, they send you five beauty products each month. When this girl and I got our apartment together, I decided to go for it and get my own Ipsy subscription rather than just watching hers. I know there are many similar subscription services such as Birchbox and FitFabFun, but because of peer-to-peer marking I landed on Ipsy. Plus, their package comes in a shiny pink envelope each month. How great is that?

So, January. Ah yes. The start of a new year. The snow falling outside. The neighbors above me letting their kid run around endlessly, and another day to check the mail. Alas! There’s a pink envelope in the mail. Actually, there are two. One for my roommate, and one for me. I get back to my apartment, set the bills aside, and open this month’s Ipsy. Here’s what I found:

  1. Tucker Ashley Advanced Peptide Eye Complex

  2. Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub

  3. Skone Cosmetics Smudger Brush

  4. theBalm Cosmetics Mr. Write Now Eye Liner

  5. Pixi by Petra Mineral Eye Shadow [Lavender Bloom]

All in a super cute bag. I’m constantly finding things to use each month’s bag for – pens, medicines when I travel, chap stick…the list goes on. Given the design of this one, I think it will be used to carry my contact case, contact solution, eye drops, and maybe a lens cloth when I’m on the go.

So, did I actually like what was in the bag? Yes.

Tucker Ashley Advanced Peptide Eye Complex

I’m not much of an eye cream person. I keep a pretty basic routine of wash and moisturize at night and cleanse/tone and moisturize in the morning. But, since I received this month’s bag, I’ve added this to the morning and night usual. It’s great. First of all, it doesn’t have a scent like some beauty products do, so it does not bother my eyes or make them water. It takes the place of needing concealer on the mornings after I’ve had a late night of girl time with my roommate (involving an extra glass of wine or two and a whole lot of laughs). As someone who has constantly dry skin, it helps keep that part of my face moisturized and bright rather than slightly wrinkled and haunted.

Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub

I remember being a junior high aged kid and making sugar scrub for my hands out of sugar and baby oil. This is a million times better. Part of me wishes I didn’t have to wipe it off and that I could just leave it on all day – or eat it with a spoon – because it reminds me of that sweet kind of bakery yummy you would only get on special occasions. However, I do wipe it off because my lips feel amazing afterwards. I recently was in Colorado a lot for work. While I had a great time, my lips hated being chapped all the time. I’ve been struggling to get my lips unchapped ever since, but this scrub had them back to normal and beyond in no time.

Skone Cosmetics Smudger Brush

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to make up. That’s part of the reason I decided to go with Ipsy. I figured it would push me out of my usual routine just ever so slightly. Needing, owning, or using a brush like this is something I have never done. But I guess there really is a first time for everything. I like being able to use this to blend in the crease or to use a dark powder on days I either want to bring in back up for my liner or go sans liner all together. I can go either way with this brush.

theBalm Cosmetics Mr. Write (Now) Eyeliner [Scott B. Bordeaux deep purple]

While I may not be super adventurous with my make up, eye liner is one area I am always up to try something new with. Having green eyes and very fair skin means I tend to stay away from back (except for when I was going through that weird phase in high school) and go for more browns and purples. I love the name, the product, and the shade. It goes on so easily, stays on so well, and does not smudge or droop. I hear there are more shades, and if that is the case, I may be getting one of every color.

Pixi by Petra Mineral Eye Shadow [Lavender Bloom]

Rounding out this week’s bag was a lovely duel pallet of eye shadow. I’ve seen Petra in Target before, and I’ve even considered some of their products, however, I’ve just never made the leap to buy them. I’m convinced now. The shades are perfect for my green eyes. The texture blends well, and still has a nice shimmer to it.

Overall favorite? Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub. Hands Down.

Check back next month to see what’s in February’s bag, or check out Ipsy’s website to get more info on the products.

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