• Stacia

Bin 65 - Chardonnay

Price: $4.38

Purchased at: Sam’s Club

Origin: Australia

For starters, this bottle is ugly. Okay, maybe ugly is a bit harsh to say about wine, but it’s somewhat snoozy. For starters, the bottle is green. Not that I have anything against green bottles, but I just didn’t like it - especially since it was paired with orange

and gold on the label. The font combos were also a little off. However, I did like the map that was on the back. It was the “where is this from” kind of map.

At first smell it was heavier and more intense, a very solid smell. Totally brought thoughts of wooded areas somewhere out in the south to mind – heavy and earthy. The taste was heavy and sits sturdily on the palet. It has a dry after taste and not tons of fruit flavor. The wine also had a dry bite at the end.

Overall, I give it a 2/5. It’s not one of my favorites flavor wise, and the visual wasn’t much more appealing, but hey, for under $5 it wasn’t bad. This is what you buy when you’re waiting for your next paycheck and happened to find a bunch of quarters in your futon cushion. It may have 250+ medals, but it doesn't get one from me.



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