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Road Trip: Visiting The South

Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama | The South

I took a road trip over the summer. You see, I had a friend in Alabama, and the prospect of an adventure was too much to turn down. So, I went. After buying a new vehicle post-grad and buying a subscription to AAA, I felt like I could take a trip and survive it. So, one day, I packed up the car and drove across Arkansas, through Memphis, Tennessee, across Mississippi, and into the heart of Alabama.

I was suprised by a lot of things on that trip, but it also taught me a lot.

  • East Arkasnas is just as boring and flat as I had imagined it to be, but it does have some interesting billboards.

  • Memphis truck stops have inspirational posters in the bathrooms.

  • Mississippi is very pretty to drive through.

  • East Tennessee is prettier than east Arkansas

  • Alabama has more hills than I was expecting.

  • Split highways through towns are awful.

  • SuperTarget is the coolest place ever.

In total, my drive took me through 4 states, 9 hours, and over 1,000 miles. As a bonus, I got to watch fireworks in Nashville for the 4th of July.


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