• Stacia

Cupcake - Suvingnon Blanc

Purchased at: Sam’s Club

Origin: California

So the first thing I noticed about this wine was the name. From there it had me. Throw in an adorable label and I was sold on it. Once I got the wine home the next thing I realized was that it was a screw top wine. I'd never had that in a wine before. For some reason, screw tops make a wine seem even more "cheap," but the bottle was so adorable and my day was so long that I didn't care. It actually saved me a step (seriously, unless it's an electric corkscrew, I'm kinda hopeless). Repeat after me: There is NO shame in a screw top bottle of wine.

Anyway, I poured a glass and immediately found myself being pulled into a VERY fruity, light clean and bright smell. It was crisp and I liked it. The taste, like the smell, was crisp and light. It sit high on the palate. There was no bite or bitterness in the taste, but it lingers on the back of your tongue. However, I won't lie, I wish it were sweeter. That's the problem with a name like "Cupcake" and a sweet tooth like mine, I was expecting something sweeter.

Overall though, it was a good wine. I'd give it a 2.75/5.




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