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California: LA

Round One

No one ever wins raido contests. Ever. Unless you are my best friend, then you win a cruise via radio contest. Shortly after my best friend won the cruise, I noticed a more local contest going on on the website of one of our local radio stations. It was a "hero" contest to win VIP tickets to some concert. The thing was, you could nominate EMTs, fire fighters, police officers, etc. My best friend is an EMT, and I nominated her. I didn't win. However, while I was on the website, I noticed that iHeart Radio was doing a contest through the same local station. So, I thought to myself, what the heck, I"ll enter. And then I won. Two airline tickets, hotel, and tickets to the iHeart Radio music awards in LA. I almost didn't answer the phone when the local DJs called to tell me I'd won, but I'm sure glad I did.

I ended up taking my best friend with me to LA. She is 22 and had never flown on a plane. It was in many ways an absolute disaster. Our flight was delayed then later completely canceled. We flew out the next morning only to almost miss our connecting flight. Once at the airport, getting our ground transportation was a disaster. FINALLY, we arrived at the hotel where we had just enough time to eat and get ready.

The hotel, The Sofitil Beverly Hills, was beyond amazing. The room was great and fantastic. The show was fun and interesting. It was so neat to be able to see so many musical artists at once. Once over we ventured out for some dinner before returning to our room for the night. The next day, we flew home. Thankfully, with no issues. I taught my best friend how to travel - how to hustle it to your connecting flight's gate, and how to stock the room with snacks. I loved getting away and getting to see the sun, but the traffic was just too much for me to be able to deal with. Do I want to go back? Absolutly! However, I want to spend more than 36 hours there

Round Two - #LADayz

Getting new assignments for work is always an interesting thing. During this project, I was going to be working in California in the LA area. I spent almost three weeks there, and during that time, I had a few adventures. So, you're headed to LA? Here's the what's what:

Looking for a fun place to spend an afternoon exploring?

Check out Hollywood Blvd. There are plenty of stars to see, shows to walk by, and, if you're looking for a good place to pop in for dinner, The Hard Rock Cafe has a wonderfully consistent menu.

Want to enjoy some time on the beach?

I spent some time at Manhatten and Hermosa beaches. They both have that beach town vibe with cute shops and resturants in the area. I think Manhatten had better shops and resturants and Hermosa had a better beach. They're pretty close together. I also spent a day at Santa Monica (it was Easter; my only holiday ever not spent at home). Of course, if you are there, you have to check out the pier. Also, you may happen to see Ocean Ave. While in a lovely area with a fun park like strip (overlooking the beach you must drive down to), it is not the same street that Yellowcard wrote their early 2000s song about.


I was introduced to The Original Pantry. A cash only 24 hour diner-style resturant. It's a wonderful place for brunch, but don't let the line outside (it moves fast) or the cash only thing scare you. If you want something upscale, check out Bogetta Louie. My soroity sister took me there for a lovely evening of dinner AND some yummy (#fancy) macaroons in a cute pink and gold box. Even if you don't go there for dinner, be sure and stop by for a box of macaroons. Finally, if you're looking for something a little more laid back, check out the famous In N Out Burger. I don't eat fast food hamburgers; I loved theirs. Go. Don't enter it into your MyFitnessPal. Eat a salad the next day.

As I left, I took a plane with Rainn Wilson, said goodbye to the endless sun, and decided that as much as I loved the beaches, LA could keep their traffic and haze.


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