During my first 1:1 meeting with my manager, she asked me what my dream job was.  I didn't have an answer to give her that day, but this was what I came up with:  


My dream job would be to be a blogger extraordinaire.  Think Pinterest meets Martha Stewart (without the insider trading) meets Paula Dean (with the butter, without the bad PR) meets hilarious blogger meets soccer mom meets fashionable 20something (except I wear all neutral colors and red lipstick because you just can’t mess that up).  I love to bake and cook and craft and blog.  I do all of them individually, but would love to find a way to bring it all together...So that is what I want to be when I grow up.

So, I decided to make that dream a reality and start "Something Like Twenty."  Life is a fabulous adventure, and being a twenty something is no exception to that.  It is my hope that regardless of age, you'll enjoy this glimpse into the world of twenty something and spark creative ideas of your own.  

Now, I know that this website isn't going to pay the bills, and I'm perfectly okay with that.  I have a day job; this is just for me.  So, take a seat, look around, stay for a while.  Is there an amazing place I need to go?  Did your attempt at a project go down as a Pinterest fail or was it a fabulous success?  Is there a new restaurant in the area that I really need to check out?    Do tell.  I'm dying to hear about it.  You can find me on Instagram @somethingliketwenty

Stay fabulous!  

what's your dream job? // being 20ish.  

This site is the answer to my manager's question.